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The Importance of a Quality Air Conditioner Installation

While it’s important to choose the right air conditioning unit for your home or business, it’s equally important that it’s installed correctly. Too often, inexperienced HVAC contractors lack the skill to properly determine the correct air conditioning specifications for a space.  Others fail to properly install a unit. With the wrong model for the space or a poor installation, cooling efficiency can be impacted by up to 30 percent. Here are some key considerations when it comes to air conditioner installation that you’ll want to keep in mind when it’s time for a new unit.

The Problem of Short-Cycling

Many air conditioner installation mistakes can lead to a problem commonly referred to as short cycling. This is when the compressor of the air conditioner turns on and off rapidly over a short period. This prevents the system from completing its cooling cycle. Short cycling raises utility bills, results in poor air distribution through the house and causes heavy stress on your air conditioner’s components. In other words, it decreases the lifespan of your unit.

One of the most common errors inexperienced installers make is failing to accurately size a system. Often, an air conditioner that is too large is installed. While an oversized air conditioner can quickly lower the temperature, it also shuts off prematurely. When the temperature rises after a short amount of time, the compressor turns back on. This leads to the problem of short-cycling.

Faulty Installation Is Often a Hidden Problem

A less than quality installation isn’t something that is always easy to spot. Initially, it might seem to be functioning properly, but the first sign of a problem is often a sky-high utility bill. An experienced, thorough installer will take the time to ensure that every aspect of the AC unit is functioning optimally before leaving the job. As well, extensive inspection of the AC unit’s location should be conducted before it is installed.

Is It Installed Properly?

Don’t be afraid to ask your technician questions. Conduct your own inspection and note anything that doesn’t seem right. Your HVAC contractor should be more than willing to answer questions and address concerns. You also should be given details on your manufacturer warranty and installation guarantee.

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Transitioning Your HVAC System from Summer to Fall

Here in the greater Phoenix metro area, it can seem like summer goes on forever. High temperatures can extend well into the fall months. Yet, the change of seasons also happens quickly, and cooler weather will return. This is why it’s a good idea to begin thinking about transitioning your HVAC system from summer function to fall and winter.

Making the transition to fall and winter is not quite as simple as just turning off your air conditioner. The following are some helpful ideas to ease back into chillier temperatures.

Reset Your Thermostat

One of the first signs of fall is cooler evenings. This is a prime opportunity to start saving on your utility bill by turning your air conditioner off at night. With temperatures in the 60s and 70s, you will stay cool and comfortable throughout the night, without having to keep your AC on 24/7.

Use Fans and Open Windows

Fall is primetime for opening windows and letting in some fresh air. With more moderate weather, you can rely on your ceiling fans and a few open windows to stay comfortable while enabling your house to air out.

Close Blinds and Curtains

Nearly one-quarter of your home’s hot and cold air is lost through cracks, holes, and other small openings in doors and windows. Curtains and blinds can help keep late summer sun and heat out to reduce your need to flip on the air conditioner.

Clean Around Your Air Conditioner Unit

Summer in Arizona isn’t just about the heat. There’s also plenty of rain, wind and dust which can wreak havoc on your outside air conditioner. With summer monsoon storms coming to an end, use a hand-held brush or shop vac to remove visible dust, dirt and debris from the unit. Clear leaves, branches and other vegetation that could also hinder its function.

Schedule Maintenance

Your HVAC system needs preventive maintenance at least twice a year. Fall is a great time to schedule an appointment to check your AC, as well as prepare your heating system for the upcoming cold winter months.

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